In memory of Bob Nett's Passing

Hammerfest (Nettfest) at the AG&SEM

at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum 2040 N. Santa Fe Ave, Vista CA

OCTOBER 9-11, 2009
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This is not a CBA event: members and non-members all welcome.

Reflecting on Bob....

A letter from Diana Nett

Don't know if you heard but we lost Bob Friday. He'd been fighting a bad staph infection since his 2nd hip replacement but on July 31st he took a turn for the worst and I had to call 911. He was admitted with septic shock and put on life support. After a few days of very powerful antibiotics he seemed to be a bit better so we tried weaning him off the respirator. Thats when we discovered he was paralyzed. He'd developed Guillain-Barre. The paralysis kept ascending up his body till it stopped his breathing and we put him back on life support. While searching for the origin of the staph infection, doctors found a mass in his lung (he didn't smoke so I can only assume it was from 38 years breathing coal smoke), and several other problems, any one of which could prove fatal. After 10 days, he let us know through nods and blinks that he'd had enough and wanted us to let him go, so I honored his wishes and removed him from life support. He passed away peacefully on Friday, Aug 14th surrounded by about 30 family and good friends.
We were members of SASS and contributed to Roy Rogers Happy Trails Foundation. When Roy died, we attended. His remains were carried in a horse-drawn wagon followed by all his family and friends on horseback. Bob remarked at that time that's the kind of memorial service he wanted. He also told us we should throw a big party afterward, so, that's exactly what we are doing. Before we knew he was not going to survive, several friends planned to throw a fundraiser for us on Aug 22nd, with a poker ride, live music, wagon rides, B-B-Q and an auction where friends would donate horse-related, forged or western items to the auction. That is going to proceed as planned. Bob's Memorial Service with be in the morning, with the other festivities afterward.( Also don't know if you've heard but in January while shoeing, kind of got wadded up under the horse and he snapped my tib/fib in my right leg. 2 surgeries later, it's not healing, so I haven't been shoeing, now losing Bob, things are really tough).
People who wish to escort the wagon horseback should arrive early enough to have horses saddled and ready to head out by 10:00 a.m. sharp. Parking for trucks and horse trailers will be about 3/4 mile from our ranch and there will be directional signs whether you're coming from the 15 fwy (Bundy Canyon Exit) or the 215 fwy ( Scott Rd exit). The memorial service and festivities afterwards is at our ranch, 33165 Daily Rd , Menifee. The Memorial Service will begin once all the riders arrive, I estimate between 10:45 and 11:00. Those who don't want to ride can go directly to the ranch (you'll have more fun if you bring a horse, but there will be plenty to do for everyone) Please, pass this on to the members as I can't reach everyone Bob knew during 38 years of shoeing horses, teaching shoeing at Cal Poly, acting as VP of Western States Farrier's Assoc and California Blacksmith Association, board member of AFA and ABANA, teaching Blacksmithing, and demonstrating blacksmithing at Santa Clarita, Temecula Old Town, SASS events, the Peris and LA county fairs, etc, etc. I don't want anyone to miss saying good-by. He was really an amazing, wonderful guy! If anyone has questions about the memorial or events afterward they can contact my daughter Autumn at 951 591-0102 or Bob's best friend Mark at 951 313-9853. They can also e-mail you flyers to distribute to feed stores, tack or western stores in your area if you have time. They are over-seeing most of the arrangements. My phone is 909 239-5154. Thank-you, in advance, very much for helping me get the word out about Bob's memorial service.
Sincerely, Diana Nett